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About Me


Hi there!

My name is Melody Pierce and I am an eating disorder coach/advocate for healthy relationships with food and our bodies. 


So how did I get here?


I was diagnosed with my eating disorder after the loss of my father at a very young age. I struggled through my recovery journey and never could really find peace. Once I embraced recovery and found my groove, I knew a heart for advocacy was calling me. I now work with four different nonprofit organizations that have all molded me into the woman I am today and the pursuit of this work. Those nonprofits are:


1. S.T.E.P.S. Toward Eating Disorder Recovery and Awareness: while this is not a registered nonprofit, this title is what I have carried as an umbrella for my advocacy work for years now. I created a curriculum that is targeted for 4-6 grade students under this title and I hope to continue to grow that space moving forward. I also created a club at Arizona State University under this title which acts as a weekly support group on the college campus that I called home. 


2. National Eating Disorder Association: NEDA helped me to gather the resources in my community to get the help I deserved. I currently work as the director for the Phoenix, Arizona NEDA chapter and help to plan the annual walk and smaller events throughout the year. 


3. Andy Hull Sunshine Foundation: unfortunately I lost one of my classmates to suicide during my junior year of high school. His mother, LeAnn Hull, created this foundation to continue Andy's legacy and raise awareness for suicide. Little did LeAnn know, she would end up saving my life. When LeAnn spoke at my school a short 6 months after Andy's passing, she shared with us a 'You Matter' message. After that presentation, I knew there was no more half-assing recovery and that my life truly did matter. That evening my recovery journey changed for the better and I am honored to now be the president and board member for this organization. I also travel with LeAnn and present my story along with Andy's to schools and community members on a national level. 


4. Recovery Rising: during my education at Arizona State University, I became a board member for Recovery Rising which is a collegiate recovery program and community. This group held alcoholics anonymous, eating disorder anonymous, and narcotics anonymous meetings on campus, as well as other events. We have also worked to provide off-campus housing to support the recovery of students and stress that receiving a degree with a sober mindset is possible. 


Now that you know a little bit about these passion projects of mine, here's some information about why I am qualified to be your coach.


- Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT) certified coach. 


- Eating disorder survivor with active participation in the eating disorder community. 


- Bachelors degree in Journalism/Mass Communication from Arizona State University. 

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