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I'm here to help you heal from eating disorders, body dissatisfaction and negative self-image. 

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Melody Pierce Recovery Coach

What is S.T.E.P.S.?

STEPS is a program that I use to help treat eating disorders/ body dissatisfaction. Check out how we can take some steps together in your journey to freedom:

SUPPORT- A strong support system is vital. Whether that looks like your family, friends, or cat, I will help you to connect with those around you who can help build up your recovery journey. Also, accountability buddies are a definite win which is why I hope to connect you with other support systems in your area as well. I am here to support you throughout this journey and help you live the life you were called to conquer. 


TALK- Talking about your journey is why I'm here! Let's celebrate your wins and walk through those valleys together as a team. I will provide you with tangible tools like worksheets and mini-projects that will help us maximize our calls. 

EDUCATE- Learning has always been one of my top priorities, as your coach I will not only continue to pursue my education about eating disorders and mental health to provide you with the most up to date care but, I will also provide you with the knowledge to help fight your eating disorder.


PREPARE- Setting yourself up for success every single day is a crucial component to recovery. You are on the forefront of your own unique fight and will be treated as such. Every activity and conversation that we have will be tailored to you and your own personal story in order to prepare for a life without your eating disorder. 


STRENGTHEN- Recovery takes a great deal of strength from both yourself and those around you.  With a strong community and support system, recovery is possible for everyone, including YOU. 


Are you ready to step into recovery, a new life, and some serious body love? You can email me at to get started! 

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